Monday, May 4, 2020

Destiny's Child - Bridges [Advance Cassette Album]

Destiny's Child - Bridges
Type: Cass Advance Album (44.1 kHz/24-bit)
Released: 1997 (UK)

Catalog #:
Discogs Release: r9601489

Track List:

  1. "Second Nature"
  2. "You're The Only One"
  3. "No, No, No"
  4. "Bridges"
  5. "Tell Me"
  6. "Show Me The Way"
  7. "Birthday"
  8. "Never Had A Love"
  9. "Killing Time"
  10. "Show Me"
  11. "My Time Has Come"
  • Bridges is the original title for the self-titled debut album Destiny's Child.
  • "Killing Time" was a radio single from the Men In Black soundtrack.
  • "You're The Only One" was omitted from the final tracklist; however, the song became a B-side for the single "No, No, No."
  • "Never Had A Love" was going to be the lead single for Bridges; however the song became omitted from the final tracklist. Producer Marco Zappala was reached for the remix.
  • "Show Me" also became omitted from the final tracklist.
  • Destiny's Child eventually worked with producers Wyclef Jean, Jerry Wonda, Jermaine Dupri, Manuel Seal Jr., The Medicine Men, Mark Morales, and Corey Rooney to record extra tracks "No, No, No Part II," "With Me Part I," "With Me Part II," "Illusion," and "Sail On" for their debut album.
Spectral Analysis/Frequency Response:
  • Tracks 1 through Track 7 - HQ Lossy/22.05 kHz
  • Tracks 8 through Track 11 - HQ Lossy/18.00+ kHz

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