Trading Rules

  1. You must provide a blog, discogs profile, or some type of list (.xls, .xlsx, .doc, .docx, or .txt) when contacting us for trading. Listing individual files you think are worthy is unacceptable and will be ignored. List your full releases only! Including but not limited to singles, E.P.s, and albums.
  2. After we access your list, then we'll decide on trading. If you contact us first, then you must provide your links first.
  3. The audio files can be in the following LOSSLESS or UNCOMPRESSED format(s): FLAC (.FLAC), ALAC (.M4A), APE (.APE), WMA (.WMA), AIFF (.AIF) or PCM (.WAV).
  4. After receiving your files, they will then be analyzed with Adobe Audition using the Spectral Frequency Display function to determine the authenticity of your audio files.
    1. True lossless/uncompressed CD audio is 16-bit, stereo, and cuts off at ~22 kHz frequencies.
    2. dBpoweramp should ONLY be used for converting lossless/uncompressed music to other lossless/uncompressed music to FLAC, ALAC, APE, WMA, AIFF, or WAV without DSP effects. dBpoweamp's DSP effects uses a DirectShow filter which destroys the original information provided in the files. AIFFs and WAVs can be created from iTunes, Adobe Audition, or Cool Edit Pro and other software. Ripping WAVs directly off of CDs through dBpoweramp, EAC, XLD, iTunes, Windows Media Player, Adobe Audition, and Cool Edit Pro are acceptable.
    3. The whole point of using Adobe Audition's Spectral Frequency Display is to point out the FAKE copies. It helps determine whether the lossless/uncompressed audio was converted from SCENE MP3 releases or any other lossy web source.
    4. If a single or album fails to reach the CD specifications through visuals provided by Adobe Audition's Spectral Frequency Display, then that release can NOT count towards trading and will be blacklisted on our Beware of Bootlegs Blog (coming soon)!
  5. If possible ripping LOGs and CUE sheets should be provided with each release. Scans or pics of the cover art, inlays, CD, and track list should also be provided. These are desired to also determine the source of your audio. If the previous can't be provided, then you have forfeited access to our logs, cue, scans, and/or pics on our end as well. We take pride in our personal rips.
  6. When Section 4 (above) passes the Spectral Frequency Display test then we'll provide the releases from your requests with or without items discussed in Section 5 (above).
  7. Happy Trading!

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